"The spirit beneath our bones slumbers within ... dancing is the only way we set it free."  ~B-girls and the B-boys of the Universe

Saturday the 25th of October, a warm fall night, a dance studio filled with amazing dancers/b-boys and b-girls, an amazing host and owner of Versatile Styles Studio, B-boy Versatility. Dope beats by one of the illest Dj's around, Dj Heavy Rotation and some of the most amazing judges, B-boy Bamm, B-boy Nato Rawk and B-boy Fern Rock!! Super Shaolin Showdown  (Round 3)!!! The atmosphere was filled with great vibes, dancers breaking their hearts out and giving it their all. This is exactly what you can except from Versatile Styles Studio, a studio who caters to the community on a constant basis with a mission to provide a dance space for all dancers with classes, strength training, open cyphers and battle's at least once a month. A space to learn, to grow and excel, a place for all to strengthen their skills together while individually conquering self goals. It is not about the money, the fame or recognition ... it's about spreading the love, helping the younger generation, having a place for those that want to dance and be free! It's that easy, with mentors, amazing teachers who welcome anyone from beginners, advanced, to those just starting out, or who have never done it before, the environment is so welcoming anyone can come and feel like it's their own place. 

Here are some of the amazing dancers portraits I had the privilege of taking. I set up my photo booth in the corner of the studio and snapped portraits in between battles, dancing and socializing. It was really dope spending a little time with each person and capturing the love they have for what they do. You can tell in all the portraits that dance truly is a huge part of who they are, it really is embedded into their souls .... each and every one of them. To me, this is how I view them, unique, talented individuals who carry a light, a beacon for those to follow. Always a student and yet a teacher, a cliche that couldn't be more far from the truth. "There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it." One of my most favorite quotes, these guys are just that!!!!!!!! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came and battled, those that supported by cheering on the dancers and to those who cyphered all night, you all made the night hype!!!! It was great to see everyone excelling in your own styles, I could truly see all the work everyone is putting in, it definitely shows .. it was amazing!

John, thank you with all of my heart for helping me with setting up, lighting and everything else, Also, mad love to those that stopped by the booth and let me capture your light and most of all thank you Rudy and Marie for being so dope in all that you do. To view information on classes, battles, footage and learn a little more about Rudy and the Studio you or more than welcome to stop by their website and stay connected through Facebook, here are the links ... www.vstylesstudio.com and www.facebook.com/vstylesstudio