Meet my wonderful, amazing friends ... Isaiah, Raquel, little Caleb, Gabriel and Isaiah jr.! We had a so much fun roaming around down town, finding different spots to shoot in, with little Isaiah the 4rth. as my personal helper, I couldn't have done it without him!!! I love their little boys, they are the cutest ever! Little Isaiah's personality is growing beyond words and his little brothers love him with all their hearts. Together their love is stronger than the ocean and mightier than anything on this planet. With God in their hearts and at the core of their family all and anything is possible. I am so happy to know Isaiah and Raquel, they inspire me in so many ways including their outlook on life. Together they hold a bond that can never be broken and I am proud to call them my friends and feel extremely blessed to be able to say that ... Mad love you guys, thank you for letting me show you off to the world :)