Beautiful Kathleen and handsome David, Engagement in the Sandia's.

We are all looking forward to their wedding!!!!  I am told by everyone that knows them, from family and long time friends, "Their wedding is finally here!!!!!" As I am taking their portraits I ask them how they met. With the hugest smile spread across cheek to cheek, eyes squinting, gazing at Kathleen as the sun shimmers and glows through her beautiful hair, David proudly answers, "We are high school sweethearts." My heart fills and I can see how much these two love each other (in their own goofy way) the light that sparkles in their hearts reflect in each others smile when they look at one another. There is no doubt they have it .. that once in a life time love that will last forever. I can't wait to be there to document their wedding, and for everyone else ... friends, family, those who admire their souls, the one's who are closest of all, will finally witness this beautiful couple "Finally tie the knot!" 

Precioso Amor <3 

Wait till you see their wedding! <3