Nightmare … there are no words to truly explain how amazing this kiddo is. The only thing you can do is break it down to a few powerful words. Strong, unique, giving, soulful, determined, caring, creative, life, sun and love (these are just a few words of many that I see when I look at this young man). To know Nightmare is to know his beautiful parents who live and instill these values into the core of his spirit. The core that lives within his mother and father, MK and Carl. Nightmare is the perfect role model to the kiddos he teaches, to The Dancing Turtle, to our sons, to the sons and daughters of the future (no pressure). Sometimes I believe you can’t truly control where your destiny takes you, although some will argue that you are always in control, maybe that is half true. There are those with qualities and values that run so deep its roots lead you to a path laid out and you have to choose to take it or not, good or bad its your choice. Nightmare clearly is following a calling passed down from the center of all centers … the heart of unconditional love his parents have given him since birth. The path to learn, to teach, to be strong, to spread his wings throughout his community and to lay his spirit across the nation wherever he goes. State to state from city to city he infects his vibrant characteristics in the depths of those he comes across …. when he comes through you don’t have a choice,  your choice is gone!  You are forced to walk away inspired and uplifted to conquer your own space, your own self and then the world. Forces to be reckoned with, youngsters with a voice. The future is alive and it starts with these young pioneers who also carry the torch to change the world. 

(These images were taken last year and I never posted them, can't believe how fast the year has gone by.)