Love ... everything about these two radiate the power behind this simple yet so complicating four letter word. A meaning that cannot be described in words, a feeling you only know … when you find that certain person you've dreamt about your entire life. Kristen and Vince truly embrace each other for the people they are and constantly up lift one another to achieve and go after their goals. Love is instilled not only within each other, for each other, it runs deeply in their souls and beats fiercely in their hearts. Love …. a beautiful expression they constantly share between the both of them and for the people around them they care about. The mere definition is a brief reminder of what these two represent for everything important in their lives. Weather it is their jobs, friendships, family, pets :) , people in need, an open ear to listen, a hug when needed .. you know that they will put all of their heart, soul and love into anything they do and for anyone. This to me is the meaning of it all … you know they will bring it, resolve anything in their path and spread the love to everyone around who they come across. An impressionable glow from the depths of their heart beaming through their eyes .. you can feel it without even saying a single word.