It's been a while since I have published a blog post, I along with my family have been going through so much this past year. I've mostly been shooting a lot of my beautiful friends whenever I have the time or when a window opens up. We'll meet up and have coffee, have great conversations, connect and create magic! 

This is one of my greatest friends, coffee with her is such a soulful, meaningful time to me and my heart. We talk about the events in our lives, we laugh, we dream, we reminisce and of coarse take pictures. On this day it was a celebration for another trip around the sun and for me ... another year of knowing this amazing soul.

Since I've known Val I have seen her grow and carry such a powerful strength, conquering her fears, going after her dreams and smashing life goals. She is truly an inspiration and I am super thankful I can call her my amiga, Thank you Val for giving me some of your strength and gorgeous light!