Culbertson Family 

I am so happy and honored to be a continuing part of the Culbertson's precious moments. For this family their love for each other is beyond words, a never ending growth in their hearts, mind and every inch of their soul. Every time I get to photograph their portrait, their love has grown significantly greater than the last time I saw them. Together they define the words Family, Love, Forever and Unconditional. 

Below is a little peak into the memories I was so lucky to have been able to capture. I first met the Culbertson's when little X hadn't even seen the world yet, then the next few photographs are little/big milestones beautifully celebrated. Now I get to help them announce their new  addition to their family ... I can't wait to meet big brother X's little brother or sister! I'm sure same goes for the Christa and Dustin, :-) . Now, can I still call X, little X? That is the big question, hehe! Thank you so much Christa and Dustin, I love being a small part of your ever growing life and love. Thank you for letting me share your photographs and story! Love you guys!