Oh what can I say about this amazing most wonderful person I know. Christa, aka: Bgirl Christa. She is one of those people that no matter what is happening in her world she always smiles, she's always willing to help anyone and everyone who needs or doesn't need it. Her warm embrace is a reflection of the love she carries deep within her heart, her values shine through her eyes and the person you can see it in the most ... is her little baby girl, Brooklyn. She is such a beautiful person, wife, friend and most importantly, Mother. When I first met Christa her infectious attitude, amour and beauty fill you up and suddenly you are inspired and ready to take on the world. Her friendship and open arms, her sunshine, her love is like an angels. If you look close enough, you can see the wings spread upon her back as she dances, flies and carries you to the sky. Challenges in life are handled with grace knowing that God has her back and the things that happen in life are meant to be with trust that the almighty up above has a plan. She, Christa ... is beautiful, her soul is beautiful and I am extremely grateful this person is my friend and soul sista! No matter how long time has passed I know she's just a train ride away on a roadrunners back through the desert that separates Burque from Santa! Love you my friend and thank you for all that you do, not only in my life but others! BLESSED! <3