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Unbreakable ... the spirit of a b-girl

Deep within the cage beneath our chest our hearts and souls are full of passion to dance every single moment we get!  Bruised knees, shoulders, torn muscles, sore head, hurt back, constant pain and sometimes we get those occasional moments where the pain doesn't exist .. until we hit the floor again, fiending to learn more, pushing our bodies over the limit. We dance until we can't move, we head spin till our heads want to bleed, we windmill till our shoulders feel like they're going to tear apart and we do it again and again and again till we get it right . Even then we are not satisfied, a never ending need to re-define every move and every step. There is a constant battle within our selves, to conquer what seems impossible within our own limits, a forever determination to never give up no matter how hard it seems .... there is always something harder and then we're ready to start all over again! 

We come from different places, we do different things and have been through different experiences. Some of us are mothers, some of us are teachers, students in college, artists, entrepreneurs and health care professionals. Out of our daily lives, grinding, living, hustling our dreams we meet on the dance floor to train, to battle, to learn, and to teach others. These b-girls are amazing, I had the idea to bring these beautiful talented women together, to take their portraits and to show them off to the world. They are passionate, dedicated, determined to learn, to teach and to forever grow while helping others along the way.

My inspiration stems from the desire to capture the portraits of the amazing people I know and to show the world how I see them. Although whoever has the privilege of knowing or coming across these beautifully talented individuals already know ... who they are! 

These are the first types of photographs I began taking in my early years of photography. I loved (and still do) taking pictures of my beautiful friends. Beautiful by the definition doesn't even describe who these amazing women are, doesn't even come close. I am proud to know each and every one of them, and to be able to call these b-girls my friends.

I couldn't imagine taking this task on by myself. When I told my partner in crime, Mona Lisa Rustia (one of the bgirls in here as well, my friend/fam/crew mate) about my idea she was super down! We always collaborate on projects and have always wanted to do a project like this again, like the a similar one we have done in the past. We have the same outlook on things and we both love to work together! She brought along her own camera (we are nikon girls) capturing her own vision!  Mona usually uses a few of her many creative talents to stylize hair and makeup and occasionally is my model for our visions and I capture the shots, so we are super excited to show all of you both of our sets! She is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing friend. Please take a moment to view her vision here ------->

No matter what we do, where we are ... I know every single b-girl in here will make a difference, will change the lives of others in some way. I know mine has ... thank you all for all that you do, for setting a great example and above all sharing your light and passion with our communities. I'll see you guys on the dance floor!!

Live your dreams, do what you want, practice every day, when it's hard put on your game face and conquer the impossible .. whatever it is, just do it! 

Peace from Me(Mooxie), Mona(Mo), Noemi, Kathleen, Terra, Natanee(Soula), Gabi K, Gabi R, Crystal, Leah(Scotia), Kristen(KK), Marie(Smoothy) and Amanda! 

ps. The last photo is Me and Mo :0)


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Oro in the depths of Jemez

This is Marissa, she is such an unbelievably amazing person inside and out! More than stunning, her soul shines like gold. Sparkling and shimmering underneath the sunshine on a beautiful afternoon deep in the Jemez Mountains. 


{My wonderful and amazing team}

Model: Marissa Renteria

Makeup and Hair: Lily Spurgeon

Assistant, lighting and direction: Victoria Gonzales