The earth breathes softly, inhaling deeply,

Heart beats singing to the moon and the rising sun,

Golden sunlight begins to spill across the desert sea,

“Ayóó’ánííníshní (I love you).” whispers the sun to the silvery moon,

Quietly the moon replies, “Ix̱six̱án (I love you), I’ll see you again soon.”

Echoing the whispering sounds, up and over the mountains, through valleys,

down the currents of the rio grande and in between the spaces of the deserts deep serene,

Magic … as the light sweetly kisses every inch of darkness,

Silhouettes contrast against the rise of the burning sun,

Moon disappears in the dawning stretch of daylight,

Dancing in the shadows, enveloped in un-returning time,

Turquoise sky engulfs the fiery blaze, exhaling, again they whisper …..