This is the gorgeous Sharifa Malluf, one of my beautiful models and closest friend. This particular shoot was so much fun and the types of shoots I would love to do more often, not only for my models but also for my future clients. I have a wonderful team and an amazing Makeup Artist, Mona Lisa Rustia. She is so talented and loves, loves painting faces and helps me significantly on designing the look on our project shoots! I am so fortunate to have such a great team available for my personal projects as well as my clients.

 "Allure" was on a beautiful winter afternoon in Mona Lisa and Sharifa's studio. This project was designed in a boudoir fashion, exploring the seductive side in the depth of all of us women. This was so much fun and I cant wait to do more of these beautiful shoots, especially for my clients! 

The power to entice

Model: Beautiful Sharifa Malluf. MUAH: Amazing Mona Lisa Rustia