Bgirl Smalls

Crystal Zamora, aka: Bgirl Smalls is a powerful and amazing young lady! Hard working towards her dreams, persistent on her passion's and determined to never give up no matter what stands in her way! This girl is making things happen, studying hard, dancing her heart out and is blessed with an extreme amount of talent!! The tiny 5 letter word that makes up her name in reality is a contradiction of who she really is, in fact it's quite opposite!! The entire time I've known her I have come to realize that her name may be Small,  but her spirit, mind and presence in this world is GIANT! With all of that determination instilled in her, she is an inspiration to so many out there. I can't even begin to imagine all that she is going to accomplish!! I do know one thing is for sure, whatever it may be ......... she will do it BIG!!!!!