Your Photographer

I love capturing the love you have for whatever it is you love doing, the things you are proud of, the things that make up your soul. 

I love capturing love, love in its purest forms, love that lives inside of you, love that lives outside of your body you grew from the inside. Love from a father, from a mother, from family, the love that pours out of brothers and sisters, love from you. The love you have for the person you can't live without. Love, the unconditional kind that never changes no mater how many times the moon rises and sets. 

I live to capture what makes you who you are, weather you are a dancer, an artist, a musician, family ... really ... whatever love you have deep inside you ... I want to capture it. I want to steal it from time and freeze it forever for you to look back years from now and say .. "yea! That is the deepest love I have and will ever know!" I want to grab those moments for you to cherish, to remember that kind of love and to lay it in the palms of your hands, to feel the warmth rush in time and time again in the center of your heart.

The kind of love that lives in the deepest parts of your soul, the deepest corners of your heart and the depths of your mind. 

That kind of love! 

Helin Montgomery, aka: Mooxie, Mookie, Müks

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